Technical assistance and direction for the Consumer Voices for Coverage program, 2008-2009

The Foundation's program, Consumer Voices for Coverage: Strengthening State Advocacy Networks to Expand Health Coverage, was designed to support state-based consumer health advocacy networks to increase their capacity to participate in health care reform efforts with key stakeholders, such as businesses, hospitals, insurers, providers and government officials.The Consumer Voices for Coverage National Program Office will provide technical assistance and training to grantee networks of consumer health advocacy organizations within 12 states to help them increase their capacities to press for comprehensive health care reform. The National Program Office (NPO) will focus on helping grantees develop integrated "systems of advocacy," comprised of collaborating organizations that are able to: build and sustain stronger and broader-based coalitions; create effective linkages with grassroots organizations; conduct legal and policy research and analysis; increase media and communications expertise; and develop and implement health policy campaigns. The NPO will also create a learning community among grantees in the 12 states that will enable them to share strategies and best practices and work collaboratively on common issues. Further, the NPO will connect consumer advocates from nongrantee states to the learning community when nongrantee states are working on specific policy issues or strategies that are relevant to grantee states. Simultaneously, the NPO will create a branded identity for the Consumer Voices for Coverage program and promote an awareness of its goals and activities. To this end, the NPO will publicize state health reform accomplishments to national audiences of key constituents and stakeholders in order to raise the profile of consumer voices in national health policy debates. Deliverables will include the development of technical assistance and training tools, the delivery of periodic training and technical assistance, the first annual grantee conference, and ongoing delivery of "just in time" strategic assistance to grantees.

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Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,137,398.00

Awarded on: 4/14/2008

Time frame: 5/1/2008 - 1/31/2009

Grant Number: 61398


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Susan T. Sherry
Project Director