Evaluation of reforms to cover all children in the states of Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington

The Foundation's program, State Health Access Reform Evaluation (SHARE), was designed to support research and evaluation of state health reform initiatives and develop an evidence base for future state and federal reform initiatives.This study grant will evaluate health reforms in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington that provide access to health insurance coverage to all children. The qualitative component will rely on document review and semi-structured interviews. The quantitative component will use econometric analyses of secondary data to estimate the effects of the study reforms on children's coverage, take-up, crowd-out, and out-of-pocket costs. Data sources include the 2002-2009 Annual Social and Economic Supplements (ASEC), 2002-2008 Washington State Population Surveys (WSPS), and geocoded versions of the 2001-2006 MEPS-Household Component (MEPS-HC).

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $599,357.00

Awarded on: 3/14/2008

Time frame: 4/1/2008 - 12/31/2010

Grant Number: 64211


University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine

10833 LeConte Avenue
Box 951736
Los Angeles, 90095-1736


Jose J. Escarce
Project Director