Charting Nursing's Future policy brief series

The longstanding shortage of registered nurses in the U.S. is expected to grow. This project addresses the growing shortage by informing policy makers at all levels, clinical and academic leaders, and health care institutions of policy-related problems and solutions to the nursing shortage. The project will support the development, writing, design, printing, and dissemination of six, eight-page policy briefs, which will be based on in-depth interviews with experts, information gathered at major nursing conferences, and research and model program materials. These briefs will describe nursing policy problems and innovative solutions related to a number of the Foundation's program portfolios, such as Human Capital, Public Health, Quality/Equality and Obesity. The project advances the Human Capital portfolio's efforts to increase the visibility and attention paid to nursing issues by providing policy makers with information on potential solutions to the challenges that face the nursing profession. In addition to the six, eight-page policy briefs, deliverables include the development and implementation of five focus groups to refine the series content and format and tracking of promotional activities, including, but not limited to, identification and purchase of mailing lists, ad placement, distribution to conferences, and other activities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $653,354.00

Awarded on: 3/11/2008

Time frame: 4/1/2008 - 9/30/2012

Grant Number: 61751


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Jeri Spann
Project Director