Jobs to Careers: Promoting Work-Based Learning for Quality Care

The Foundation's program, Jobs to Careers: Promoting Work-Based Learning for Quality Care, was designed to establish systems that train, develop, reward and advance current frontline health and health care workers to improve the quality of care and ensure the quality of services provided to patients and communities.Located in Chinatown, New York City, this program will upgrade the skills of front line workers, specifically Patient Service Representatives and Medical Assistants, within their current job classification. The upgrade within a position could possibly lead to the creation of a two-tiered position. They incorporate a systemic approach to improving the quality of care of all patients through a team learning approach aligned with specific health care outcomes, i.e., diabetes, asthma, depression.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $437,694.00

Awarded on: 1/7/2008

Time frame: 1/15/2008 - 1/14/2011

Grant Number: 56495


Charles B. Wang Community Health Center Inc.

125 Walker Street
New York, 10013-4108


Arthur Cusack
Project Director