Technical assistance and direction for the Jobs to Careers program

The Foundation's program, Jobs to Careers: Promoting Work-Based Learning for Quality Care, was designed to establish systems that train, develop, reward and advance current frontline health and health care workers to improve the quality of care and ensure the quality of services provided to patients and communities.This grant supports partnerships between health and health care employers and educational institutions to: (1) create and expand learning systems that improve local workforce development capacity, train frontline workers, generate career pathways and reduce workforce development barriers; (2) support targeted research that documents return on investment to employers; (3) demonstrate the applicability of these models in diverse settings; and (4) provide technical assistance and direction to the participating sites. As the national program office for Jobs to Careers, Jobs for the Future (JFF) will provide program operations, leadership, and overall oversight for the program; gather and synthesize lessons learned from the implementation sites; and assist with the overall project evaluation when necessary. JFF and its consultants will undertake key activities to help grantees address the challenges facing frontline workers in order to improve the quality of care and services delivered to patients while creating advancement opportunities for the worker.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $925,000.00

Awarded on: 12/3/2007

Time frame: 12/15/2007 - 12/14/2008

Grant Number: 56463


Jobs for the Future Inc.

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Boston, 02110-3407


Maria Kniesler Flynn
Project Director