Strengthening the Cancer Institute of New Jersey's initiative in cancer prevention, control and population science to improve cancer care

Although the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation became a national philanthropy in 1972 and has operated on a national scale since then, it also has continued funding a limited number of local institutions and projects in the New Brunswick area and throughout New Jersey. It does so in part to honor the legacy of its founder, and in part to recognize the special responsibilities to the communities and the state in which it is located.The purpose of this project is to improve the capacity of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) in primary and secondary prevention of cancer, in reduction of population disparities in cancer detection and research, in development of connections with patients primarily treated by private physicians, and in development of research and education to better care for cancer survivors. With 8.5 million people living in 7,500 square miles, New Jersey is the nation's most densely populated state. In 2003, New Jersey's cancer incidence rate was 503.2 per 100,000, compared to the national rate of 459.9. This was the second highest in the nation. That year, the New Jersey cancer mortality rate was 196.5 compared to the national average of 193.7. To meet the need for cancer prevention and to maintain its status as a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, CINJ must improve its current knowledge base to reduce cancer incidence, mortality and morbidity, and must provide tested and effective mechanisms by which to speedily translate that knowledge into public health and medical practice that improves the prevention and control of cancer.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $12,000,000.00

Awarded on: 11/2/2007

Time frame: 11/15/2007 - 6/30/2013

Grant Number: 60624


Cancer Institute of New Jersey Foundation Inc.

Tower Two, Fifth Floor
120 Albany Street
New Brunswick, 08901-2681


Robert DiPaola
Project Director