Establishing a basic business case for Transforming Care at the Bedside

The Foundation's program, Transforming Care at the Bedside, was designed to develop new interventions to improve the hospital work environment with the goal of improving the quality of care provided by nurses at the bedside.This project seeks to establish a complete business case for Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB). In an effort to sustain and grow TCAB, Lynn Unruh, Ph.D., R.N., a former Fellow in Nursing Policy and Philanthropy at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will explore how to demonstrate TCAB's financial viability by: (1) determining the individual or average national cost indicators obtained from evidence based-research, (2) calculating the cost savings on TCAB units, and (3) working with TCAB leaders to ascertain reasonable costs of implementing and sustaining TCAB. She will also work with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement TCAB technical assistance team and the program's evaluator, Jack Needleman, Ph.D., to collect needed data. Findings will be disseminated at professional meetings, and peer reviewed journal article publications.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $29,796.00

Awarded on: 11/1/2007

Time frame: 1/1/2008 - 12/31/2008

Grant Number: 63255


University of Central Florida

4000 Central Florida Boulevard
Orlando, 32816-2200


Lynn Y. Unruh
Project Director