Developing a community scorecard to chronicle public health disparities in South Los Angeles

Many people living in low-income, culturally diverse neighborhoods experience major health disparities largely as a result of the economic, educational and environmental factors that shape health. The Foundation is committed to reducing these health disparities as part of its mission to improve the health and healthcare of all Americans. The grantee will use a community-based health scorecard to help community stakeholders understand the nature and extent of health disparities in South Los Angeles, and to identify policy recommendations for reducing these disparities. The goal of the project is to strengthen community resources and the working relationship between public health officials and members of this community. The project supports the Foundation's objective of developing tools and policy solutions for improving health outcomes in our communities, especially communities where health disparities are unacceptably high. Deliverables for the project include: a Scorecard, to assess the nature and extent of health disparities and to monitor progress in reducing these disparities; an analysis of social networks in the community to strengthen communications and advance policy efforts; and a policy action plan developed by the Community Health Council's Coalition sponsored by the Coalition for Health and Justice.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $400,000.00

Awarded on: 11/16/2007

Time frame: 12/1/2007 - 11/30/2009

Grant Number: 63342


Community Health Councils Inc.

3731 Stocker Street, Suite 201
Los Angeles, 90008-5118