Identifying and highlighting innovative program models for addressing intimate partner violence in immigrant and refugee communities

While anecdotal evidence shows that immigrant and refugee women experience intimate partner violence (IPV), there is little known about promising practices that have potential for replication. To address this dearth of knowledge, the Family Violence Prevention Fund will conduct an environmental scan that will document the particular vulnerabilities and challenges faced by immigrants and refugees in addressing IPV and will identify promising models for prevention and treatment. This scan will include: (1) a review of the literature on IPV in immigrant and refugee communities; (2) an examination of existing programs targeted at prevention and treatment of IPV; and (3) key informant interviews. The grantee will produce a report that includes a summary of challenges that confront immigrant and refugees in regard to IPV, a list promising models of prevention and treatment of IPV in immigrant and refugee communities, and recommendations for funding. When the report is complete, the grantee will organize a stakeholder meeting to discuss findings and elicit recommendations. This project is in line with the goals of the Foundation's Vulnerable Populations Portfolio's interest in IPV and the health of immigrants and refugees.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $95,804.00

Awarded on: 10/22/2007

Time frame: 11/1/2007 - 9/30/2008

Grant Number: 63180


Futures Without Violence

The Presidio
100 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, 94129-4331


Leni Marin
Project Director