World Health Organization Commission on Social Determinants of Health in the United States

Throughout the world, the effects of social determinants of health (e.g., housing, income, education) are particularly pronounced in poorer communities and underdeveloped countries. The World Health Organization Commission on Social Determinants of Health was created to lay the foundations for a more equitable distribution of health to be a shared global goal, and for an understanding that acting on that goal demands action on the underlying causes of ill health. Commission meetings have been held in Chile, India, Iran, Kenya and Brazil. A meeting in November 2007 will be held in New Orleans and offers a prime opportunity to examine how social conditions contribute to health inequalities in the U.S. The purpose of this project is a three-day workshop which offers an opportunity to examine how social determinants may be addressed at the national, state and city level in the U.S. and how this understanding can be used to eliminate health inequality. It also offers an opportunity to "showcase" work already underway in other parts of the world, enable various approaches to be compared and adapted when shared with others, and examine and discuss the case for financing the solutions that address social determinants of health.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $239,474.00

Awarded on: 8/17/2007

Time frame: 10/1/2007 - 12/31/2010

Grant Number: 62898


Morehouse School of Medicine

720 Westview Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, 30310-1495


David Satcher
Project Director