Center to Champion Nursing in America, 2007-2012

Nurses hold a pivotal responsibility for the quality of care received in hospitals and outpatient settings. Despite their essential role, the nation has an inadequate supply of nurses to fill a growing number of vacancies. An estimated 118,000 nursing positions are currently unfilled in the hospital setting alone, with a projected shortage of over 1 million nurses by the year 2020. While this issue has received limited attention at the state and federal levels, a clear connection between the lack of nurses and the impact on quality is rarely articulated. Even basic information about nursing workforce issues is scarce, and what exists is scattered among many agencies. Creating a strong and effective advocacy center would centralize reliable information on the nursing workforce and use that data to link nursing to quality of care. This grant supports the National Center on Nursing for Quality Patient Care (proposed name) to raise the visibility and significance of nursing workforce issues. The Center will build evidence and seek solutions to address nursing workforce shortages and the nurse's role in achieving high-quality care. A successful center will be the go-to resource for providing reliable and trustworthy information and technical assistance. The Center will: (1) draw attention to nursing workforce issues as fundamental to quality health care; (2) expand the ranks of those who are interested and affected stakeholders (businesses, advocacy groups for special populations) so that they can advocate for policy change and significantly improve U.S. health care; and (3) focus federal and state attention on nursing workforce issues and their relationship to the quality of patient care. The Center will contribute substantially to the Foundation's objective of sustaining a well-trained workforce by fostering health care professionals through leadership development, training and research.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $9,999,575.00

Awarded on: 8/16/2007

Time frame: 8/15/2007 - 1/31/2013

Grant Number: 62022


American Association of Retired Persons Foundation (AARP)

601 E Street, N.W.
Washington, 20049-0001


Susan C. Reinhard
Project Director