Building sustainable advocacy capacity for improving the nation's public health system

Every American, no matter where he or she lives, should have the opportunity to live a healthy life, be safe from health threats and receive high quality health services. To achieve those goals, the nation must strengthen its public health system through the combined efforts of federal, state and local governments in partnership with businesses, education and community organizations, health care institutions and philanthropy.Working closely with the Foundation and a broad coalition of partners, Trust for America's Health (TFAH) will build consensus for how a modern public health system should be structured, funded, staffed and held accountable, and then advance a policy platform for "A Healthier America: Modernizing Public Health for the 21st Century." This multi-year initiative will develop and propose specific recommendations for how to bolster the impact and performance of the public health system to improve the public's health. Key components of the project will include:1. Consensus-building forums to bring together experts in public health, health care, philanthropy, community organizations and business, and incorporate the best evidence available to develop a policy framework for a modern, effective, well-funded and accountable public health system.2. Refine the Healthier America agenda framework with key stakeholders and non-traditional partners, building on the RWJF-supported national Healthier America Summit in June 2007. 3. Promote and publicize policies and recommendations that support the Healthier America framework and strengthen public health. 4. Produce and disseminate strategic policy reports that focus attention on important public health issues and policy choices, provide recommendations for improving and modernizing public health and reach key stakeholders within the public health arena, including policy-makers, media, opinion leaders, and the general public, on topics such as state emergency preparedness and public health funding. 5. Conduct strategic communications and policy-maker education, including media and non-partisan educational initiatives. Communications activities will be closely coordinated with RWJF and other partners. Success for the Healthier America project will be measured by the number of partners who are engaged in the project and the level in which public health issues are raised to prominence at the national level through policy reports, media coverage, statements from prominent policy-makers and other influentials, briefings and policy hearings.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $7,669,235.00

Awarded on: 7/9/2007

Time frame: 8/1/2007 - 10/31/2010

Grant Number: 61977


Trust for America's Health

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Jeffrey W. Levi
Project Director