Investigating the relationship between residing in public housing and violence, substance abuse and risky sexual behavior

The Foundation's initiative, New Connections: Bringing Diversity to RWJF Grantmaking and Increasing Secondary Data Analyses, was designed to address needs for data that can inform the Foundation's program planning or measure progress toward its strategic objectives. This grant project addresses the association between residence in public/subsidized housing and adolescent health risk behaviors. The study will focus on the "exposure effect" of living in public/subsidized housing before and after the large-scale public housing reforms implemented in 1998. The academic literature on the social effects of concentrated poverty attributes elevated levels of health risk behavior to the social and spatial isolation of the urban poor. However, recent policy efforts have concentrated primarily on spatial issues, or the physical deconcentration of poverty. This physical integration may not necessarily address the issue of social isolation. This project is concerned with assessing some of the adolescent risk behaviors that may be associated with the spatial and social isolation of public housing residents.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $44,070.00

Awarded on: 5/16/2007

Time frame: 5/15/2007 - 8/1/2008

Grant Number: 61871


Butler University

4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, 46208-3485


Tamara G. J. Leech
Project Director