Creating synergies between personal health monitoring and machine health monitoring

The field of proactive personal health monitoring is at an early point in its development, but it offers great promise for people with chronic diseases who are seeking to live their lives to the fullest. Under a previous grant, the Center for Future Health incorporated the concepts and approaches from the more mature field of machine health monitoring and prognostics into human health monitoring. This grant will support the development of personal health monitoring technology as a new field to complement how health professionals currently manage the health of patients. The grantee envisions personal health monitoring as a proactive health care system responsive to individual patients. Such a system combines a sensing tool (like a pedometer, pulse rate monitor, EKG tool) with analytics that provide a health assessment ("You didn't walk far enough today," or "You're limping and should see a doctor" or "Exercise if you need to be active tomorrow"). The vision behind this project is of a personal heath monitoring system that is part of everyday life and provides to patients, their caregivers and their providers accurate, continuous, real-time health status information based on patient's own version of "normal." By adding sophisticated data analysis and prognostic algorithms, such a system will allow individual patients to make informed decisions to help them prevent acute episodes, and allow providers to make informed decisions on primary care. Phase one of this project brought together patients, medical researchers, care providers, engineers and technologists to conceptualize an approach that is medically valid, accepted by consumers, and affordable. This proposal requests funding for phase two, which would use cardiac health as its focus. In this phase, the grantee will seek to determine the feasibility of individual-based human health prognostics, identify the best physiological parameters (or combinations thereof) to measure, and assess whether it's possible to make measurements and prognostications of the required accuracy in an unobtrusive, user-centric way.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $800,976.00

Awarded on: 5/2/2007

Time frame: 5/15/2007 - 10/31/2008

Grant Number: 60563


University of Rochester Center for Future Health

601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, 14642-0001


Mark F. Bocko
Project Director