Community and faith-based approach to improving social services in immigrant-dense rural communities in the Midwest and South

Rural communities in the Midwest and South where the meat packing and poultry industries are based attract many new immigrants. However, within these communities there are daunting challenges at the intersection of immigration, poverty, isolation, and health status, and little experience or infrastructure to address the growing challenges of this immigrant workforce. The Center for New Community has a successful history of effectively organizing rural communities to address their health needs. The Midwest Immigrant Health Project will use this community mobilizing approach to coordinate a grassroots, congregation-based strategy to address the health and related social problems of immigrants working in 12 rural meat packing and poultry processing communities in Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. Deliverables and expected outcomes include: (1) identification of the most pressing health issues in the 12 target communities; (2) involvement from at least 40 congregations in the development of 12 congregation- and community-based Health Action Councils; (3) improved access to and use of health care systems for the immigrant population; (4) improved health care services for the non-English-speaking population; (5) better understanding of the U.S. health system by at least 6,000 immigrant workers and their families; and (6) formation of a Regional Health Council to develop and promote an immigrant health agenda for the region.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $622,150.00

Awarded on: 5/10/2007

Time frame: 6/1/2007 - 5/31/2010

Grant Number: 58263


Center for New Community

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David L. Ostendorf
Project Director