Investing in youth-led social change in vulnerable communities

Youth Venture empowers youth to design their own pathways to better health within their vulnerable communities. Young people from tough environments face disproportionate challenges to their health. Youth in low-income households, for example, are more likely than their higher-income peers to be uninsured, overweight and exposed to community and interpersonal violence. Fortunately, young people have strong ideas for how to address the problems and vulnerabilities they face and a strong desire to create positive change. Youth Ventures (YV) has pioneered the concept of investing in young people to have the transformative experience of social entrepreneurship--taking initiative to address a social issue they care about, launching and leading their own ventures, and creating lasting social change in their communities. Youth Venture inspires and invests in teams of young people to design and launch their own pathways, enabling them to help whole communities transcend the social barriers that stand in the way to better health.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,218,349.00

Awarded on: 4/27/2007

Time frame: 6/1/2007 - 5/31/2010

Grant Number: 59318


Youth Venture

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Gretchen Zucker
Project Director