Studying culturally sensitive patient-centered health care assessments and the effects of a promotional training model

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified patient-centered care as an important dimension of health care quality. Patient-centered care includes providing low health literacy patients with the tools to participate in systems of care that are responsive to their needs. Increasing the demand among patients for "culturally sensitive" health care could, arguably, help reduce racial and ethnic disparities in care. However, there is not enough empirical evidence showing a link between culturally sensitive health care and improved patient health outcomes. Furthermore, few specific measurable indicators of cultural sensitivity exist. This research project will address the paucity of culturally sensitive assessment tools by: (a) providing a reliable and valid toolkit to assess patient-centered, culturally sensitive health care; (2) identifying patient, provider and health care site characteristics that are associated with patients' perceptions of health care quality; and (3) testing a patient-centered, culturally sensitive model program for patients with Type 2 diabetes. In Phase I, a national sample of low-income and minority patients as well as providers and staff at various health care sites including community health centers, hospitals and some private practices will participate in efforts to establish the reliability and validity of the pilot versions of the health care toolkit. Phase II will test the model using an intervention-control group pre- and post-test design. Providers who are seeking to improve the quality of care they provide need tools to help them gather patients' cultural preferences, as well as assess the cultural sensitivity of their clinical system. This project will develop these clinical tools to help providers tailor their care so they have a reasonable opportunity to meet those patient preferences.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $236,183.00

Awarded on: 3/28/2007

Time frame: 4/1/2007 - 8/31/2009

Grant Number: 59281


University of Florida Foundation Inc.

1938 West University Avenue
Gainesville, 32603-1735


Carolyn M. Tucker
Project Director