Technical assistance and direction for RWJF's Speaking Together program

The Foundation's program, Speaking Together: National Language Services Network, was designed to support hospitals to improve the quality and availability of health care language services for patients with limited English proficiency.Core program activities include developing and disseminating policy products, building a research agenda, development of measures, and building a tool base through conducting a learning network with 10 acute care hospitals. During grant year 1, the project staff drafted, vetted, and piloted performance measures for language services now being used by the 10 hospitals participating in the collaborative. Learning network participants were introduced to the measures at the program's kick-off meeting in November 2006 and are currently reporting monthly data and progress via the program website. An organizational assessment conducted in December 2006 has served as a foundation for discussion around challenges and strategies in language services. In addition to forums such as site visits and monthly conference calls, grantees will have other opportunities for technical assistance and collaboration when they meet in March and September of 2007. The grantees and National Program Office will present the collaborative findings in early 2008.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $938,020.00

Awarded on: 2/27/2007

Time frame: 3/1/2007 - 5/31/2008

Grant Number: 55863


George Washington University Medical Center

2300 I Street, N.W., Suite 713E
Washington, 20052-0011


Marsha Regenstein
Project Director