Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program - J. Daryl Thornton, M.D.

The Foundation's Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program was designed to provide four-year postdoctoral research awards offered to historically disadvantaged physicians who are committed to developing careers in academic medicine, to improving the health of underserved populations, and to furthering the understanding and elimination of health disparities.The purpose of this community-based randomized controlled trial is to test the efficacy of a video intervention to improve the organ donation consent rate among northeastern Ohio residents. The applicant will use focus groups to pilot test the data collection methods and proposed intervention of a five-minute organ donation video, conduct a community-based randomized controlled trial of 300 patrons of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and perform chi square tests and use grounded theory analyses to determine the impact of the intervention and explore obstacles to signing an organ donor card.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $187,118.00

Awarded on: 1/31/2007

Time frame: 2/1/2007 - 10/31/2009

Grant Number: 58091


MetroHealth System

2500 MetroHealth Drive
Cleveland, 44109-1100


John Daryl Thornton
Project Director