Meeting of health and child advocates to build support for addressing junk-food marketing to children

Studies have highlighted the fact that food advertising attracts children's attention and affects their food choices and the food items they ask their parents to purchase. The 2005 Institute of Medicine report, Food Marketing to Children: Threat or Opportunity?, concluded that marketing works; it affects children's diets and, ultimately, their health. This grant provides support for a meeting of health and child advocates interested in promoting responsible food marketing policies and practices aimed at children. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) will link the research on food marketing with those groups that can coordinate advocacy work to reduce junk food marketing to children. Linking research with practical application is an essential component of the Foundation's Childhood Obesity team strategy. This meeting will lay the ground work for a larger advocacy effort to address some of the precursors of overweight youngsters. The strategy of the Childhood Obesity team is to reverse the rise in childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools and communities. The meeting will help participants better understand both the power of food marketing and approaches to address an advocacy plan.CSPI staff anticipates that the meeting will result in the formation of an advocacy network of diverse organizations, represented by meeting participants and launch the beginning of a coordinated strategy to reduce food marketing targeted toward children. CSPI promotes consumer engagement and conducts research and advocacy programs in health and nutrition, as well as provides consumers with useful, accurate information about their own health and well-being. As a well-known advocate for healthier diets, CSPI has used its national platform to focus on childhood obesity rates and potential policy changes that could be developed at the national, state and local levels. CSPI is at the forefront of a national campaign to overhaul the food environments in schools, supermarkets and restaurants.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $61,201.00

Awarded on: 12/8/2006

Time frame: 1/1/2007 - 10/31/2007

Grant Number: 56978


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Margo G. Wootan
Project Director