Examining the role of perceptions in the relationship between the built environment and walking behavior

The Foundation's Active Living Research program was designed to support investigator-initiated research to identify and assess structural, environmental, and policy changes with the potential to increase population levels of physical activity.This study will identify relationships between subjective measures of the built environment in the categories of transportation, land use, safety and aesthetics, and their objectively measured counterparts. In addition, the study will examine the relationships across and within the various subjective measures of the built environment across these categories. Finally, these subjective and objective measures will be included as explanatory variables in theoretical and statistical models of walking behavior in order to test these relationships.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $13,395.00

Awarded on: 12/6/2006

Time frame: 1/1/2007 - 6/30/2007

Grant Number: 59448


University of Maryland, Baltimore

620 West Lexington Street, 4th Floor
Baltimore, 21201-1508


Kelly Clifton
Project Director


Andrea D. L. Smith
Project Director