Using multimedia technology for hypertension control for low-income, low-literacy African Americans in Birmingham, Ala.

The Foundation's initiative, Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, was designed to use research and evaluation to test hypothetical solutions for reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care settings and actual disparity reduction outcomes in ongoing programs.Culturally Sensitive Intervention (CSI): Birmingham will develop an interactive DVD intervention to promote hypertension management for African American patients. The intervention uses narrative communications or storytelling to break down cognitive resistance to health messages that may have resulted from perceived discrimination or lack of trust. Located in an inner-city in the Deep South and serving a large population of African Americans with a high burden of cardiovascular disease, Cooper Green Hospital provides an ideal setting in which to develop and test innovative health promotion interventions. Specific aims are to: (1) develop a series of interactive, testimonial-based DVDs to promote hypertension control focusing on medication adherence, doctor-patient communication and healthy lifestyles; (2) evaluate the effect of the intervention in a randomized trial of 300 African American patients; and (3) estimate costs for intervention development, dissemination and adaptation to other populations, settings and conditions. At three months after enrollment, a higher proportion of patients randomized to the intervention group (versus those in the comparison group) will achieve appropriate blood pressure control and report high adherence to hypertension medications. CSI: Birmingham will deliver three DVDs that use peer-based narrative communication to: (1) promote appropriate health beliefs for adherence to hypertension medication; (2) provide motivation and empowerment for patients to take an active role in managing their health; (3) teach simple, proven techniques of ordinary conversation for improving patient-physician communications about medication problems; and (4) promote healthy lifestyles. The intervention will be patient-centered, grounded in cultural appropriateness and easily adapted to other populations, settings and conditions. CSI: Birmingham will engage a team with interdisciplinary expertise that has a proven record of accomplishments and collaborations, and expresses a strong commitment to eliminating disparities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $248,920.00

Awarded on: 11/27/2006

Time frame: 12/1/2006 - 5/31/2009

Grant Number: 59741


Cooper Green Hospital Foundation, Inc.

1515 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, 35233-1687


Sandral Hullett
Project Director