Studying the effect of improved prescription drug label design on medication adherence and patient safety

The Institute of Medicine recently reported that approximately half of all Americans have difficulty understanding and using health information. This difficulty might be related to patients' difficulty reading prescription drug labels, which contain important health-related information that is typically small in size and poorly presented. To address this problem, Target Corporation implemented an innovative label design in May 2005 that aims to improve readability and comprehension of prescription drug information. This grant project will assess whether Target's improved prescription drug label design influences medication-taking behavior and patient outcomes. It is expected that this study will result in several publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $318,034.00

Awarded on: 11/21/2006

Time frame: 11/1/2006 - 10/31/2008

Grant Number: 56937


Brigham and Women's Hospital

75 Francis Street
Boston, 02115-6110


William H. Shrank
Project Director