Evaluation of RWJF's Better Jobs, Better Care program - supplemental funding

The Foundation's initiative, Better Jobs, Better Care: Building a Strong Long-Term Care Workforce (BJBC), was designed to create changes in policy and practice that will lead to the recruitment and retention of high-quality direct care workers in both nursing homes and home- and community-based settings. The initiative includes two components: an applied research and evaluation program and a demonstration program.The BJBC program provided grants and technical assistance to coalitions of providers, workers, consumers and policy-makers to improve the quality of jobs for long-term care direct care workers (DCWs) in five states. After three years, four of these states are finishing their grant work but the fifth state, North Carolina, is just entering the most active stage. This collaborative project will continue the evaluation in order to understand the consequences of the North Carolina intervention, which established a special state designation to providers who meet certain criteria, including management and practices that create good DCW jobs. The project will continue the survey work with DCWs, their managers and supervisors; continue collection of the management information system data for turnover and vacancy rates; and do in-depth case study on providers who are seeking this designation. The project represents some of the most innovative work around improving the work environment for DCWs and will inform the Foundation's Human Capital team in further grantmaking in this area and the implementation of the Jobs to Career program. Products from this evaluation will include presentations at professional meetings, journal articles and brief papers to share lessons learned with other states and RWJF grantees. There is an active BJBC Web site that will aid in dissemination.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $261,230.00

Awarded on: 11/14/2006

Time frame: 12/1/2006 - 8/31/2009

Grant Number: 58408


Pennsylvania State University College of Health and Human Development

Pennsylvania State University
201 Henderson Building
University Park, 16802-6501


Peter Kemper
Project Director