Expand Binational Health Week: To improve health services, information, resources, health promotion and prevention activities for Latinos.

The Latino population in the United States is approximately 37 million. Latinos are also the fastest growing segment of the population. The available legal channels for migration are limited, especially when compared to the size of the migratory flow. The inadequate resolution of these issues marginalizes many migrants and immigrants and contributes significantly to limiting their access to health services. This leaves many in a vulnerable position which increases health risks. Recognizing this issue, the California-Mexico Health Initiative developed Binational Health Week (BHW), an annual week-long series of health promotion, health education, provision of direct services and policy activities. BHW started in seven counties and is now in 27 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia. In 2006, they plan to consolidate and extend their efforts by focusing on providing direct health services, convening key officials on health issues and meeting the needs of the most underserved populations. BHW began with funding for California events from the California Endowment and California Health Care Foundation, but has not received this kind of support for the broader U.S. efforts. This grant provides support for conducting these activities and expanding BHW efforts across the United States. A report will be developed highlighting the efforts of BHW.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $25,000.00

Awarded on: 10/24/2006

Time frame: 9/15/2006 - 3/14/2007

Grant Number: 58084


University of California, Berkeley

200 California Hall, Suite 1500
Berkeley, 94720-1500


Xochitl Castaneda
Project Director