Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care

The Foundation's program, Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care, was designed to support partnerships between treatment provider organizations that deliver care, and states that are in the unique role of being both the largest purchaser of publicly funded treatment services (70 percent) and regulators and licensers of those services.Northern Rhode Island has created a partnership consisting of Rhode Island's Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals/Division of Behavioral Healthcare (MHRH/DBH); northern Rhode Island; Family Resources Community Action, Inc.; and Tri Hab, Inc. This partnership is concerned with high relapse rates due to poor long-term supports for those who receive addiction treatment. Types of supports that are lacking and make long-term sobriety difficult are no housing, no vocation or loss of child due to failing to meet the needs the family court system. Inaccessibility to these types of supports fragments families and contributes to a continued dependence on alcohol and illegal drugs. However, the services are often available, but appear inaccessible to the consumer. State agencies in Rhode Island and a few community health providers have come together, in the city of Woonsocket area, to address this statewide problem. Northern Rhode Island, Tri-Hab and Family Resources Community Action will develop a system's prototype of how to create wrap-around services (like housing, vocational supports) to significantly reduce relapse rates. In parallel with these provider activities, the state will be looking at how provider contractual expectations, reimbursement policy and licensure requirements can be altered to support linkages to providers who provide different types of community support services, as well as how these mechanisms can be altered to encourage use of wrap-around services and encourage abstinence. Once the prototype is developed, it will be spread throughout the State. This same approach of developing a prototype and then spreading it throughout the State will be used with northern Rhode Island's grantee's second evidence-based category-use of psychosocial interventions.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $360,000.00

Awarded on: 10/26/2006

Time frame: 11/1/2006 - 4/30/2009

Grant Number: 56897


NRI Community Services, Inc.

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Michelle P. Taylor
Project Director