Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care

The Foundation's program, Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care, was designed to support partnerships between treatment provider organizations that deliver care, and states that are in the unique role of being both the largest purchaser of publicly funded treatment services (70 percent) and regulators and licensers of those services.The Kentucky River Community Care Center has assembled a partnership of the Kentucky Bureau of Addiction Treatment, Kentucky Office of Drug Control and Policy, the Kentucky River Community Care Inc. (KRCC), Chrysalis House, a residential addictions and recovery center, and Appalachian Regional Healthcare Psychiatric Center. This partnership is very concerned about the 40 percent drop-out rate that occurs between medical detox services and outpatient care. This is seen as a wasteful use of funds by taxpayers and represents poor clinical care that fails to utilize the evidence-based category: continuing care. The State Kentucky and a few members of the provider community have come together to address this state-wide problem. The Appalachian Regional Healthcare Psychiatric Center and KRCC will develop a system's prototype of how to significantly reduce drop-outs rates. In parallel with these provider activities, the State will be looking at how provider contractual expectations, reimbursement policy, and licensure requirements can be altered to support the successful continuation of consumers from medical detox care to outpatient services. Chrysalis House's role in this project will be to take the prototype developed between the Appalachian Regional Healthcare Psychiatric Center and apply it in its region (which is in the Lexington, Kentucky, area). Then refined prototype will be spread throughout the State. This same approach of developing a prototype and then spreading it throughout the State will be used with KRCC grantee's second EBC: use of wrap-around services.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $360,000.00

Awarded on: 10/26/2006

Time frame: 11/1/2006 - 10/31/2008

Grant Number: 56898


Kentucky River Community Care Inc.

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David Mathews
Project Director