Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care

The Foundation's program, Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care, was designed to support partnerships between treatment provider organizations that deliver care, and states that are in the unique role of being both the largest purchaser of publicly funded treatment services (70 percent) and regulators and licensers of those services.Florida's Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse Program Office (SAPO), has assembled a partnership with the Florida Office of Drug Control, Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association, the Southern Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center, and treatment providers Operation PAR, River Region Human Services, and Spectrum Programs. The purpose of the program in Florida is to modify the substance abuse treatment system, primarily to increase the use of Naltrexone for the treatment of alcoholism and secondarily to improve the system of case management services. For the primary aim, the State's SAPO will develop guidelines to help providers address statutory requirements for use of Naltrexone in treatment and establish a workgroup to identify ways to reduce the cost associated with use of Naltrexone. Providers will secure screening, assessment, and psychosocial instruments to identify clients who qualify for and are motivated to use Naltrexone and establish support groups tailored to the needs of clients on Naltrexone. For their secondary aim, the State's SAPO will research and disseminate evidence-based case management guidelines and establish a new cost center for reimbursement of case management services (not currently reimbursed). Providers, in turn, will develop an effective system of "care" management to increase client linkages to referrals and appropriate transfers to subsequent levels of care. The inclusion of provider networks in the partnership will help facilitate the spread of system improvement strategies state-wide.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $360,000.00

Awarded on: 10/26/2006

Time frame: 11/1/2006 - 4/30/2009

Grant Number: 56896


State of Florida Department of Children and Families

Building 1, Room 202
1317 Winewood Boulevard
Tallahassee, 32399-0700


Sheila Barbee Collins
Project Director