Technical assistance and direction for RWJF's Finding Answers program

The Foundation's program, Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, is a multifaceted initiative designed to use research and evaluation to test hypothetical solutions for reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care settings and actual disparity reduction outcomes in ongoing programs.This grant provides technical assistance and direction for the Finding Answers program and for its National Program Office (NPO). The NPO will convene a national advisory committee of researchers, providers, plans, representatives of historically black colleges and universities/Hispanic-serving institutions, evaluators, funders and RWJF-funded disparity-related NPO leaders to evaluate and select the grantee finalists. They will coordinate the assignment of site visits, produce reports, monitor grantees and work with consultants and contractors to provide technical assistance to applicants and grantees. The NPO will work closely with other Foundation Disparities' Team projects to promote RWJF's objectives. In particular, they will work with researchers to evaluate interventions to assess how quality improvement can reduce disparities. The NPO will also provide reports, systematic reviews and other documents that translate the findings and put the information in the hands of end users to teach them how they can reduce disparities at their home institution. Finally, the network will focus on: (1) finding the interventions (that meet an established criteria with the help of a network of experts); (2) ensuring that the results generated by the research grants are communications-ready, meaning that the results have been assimilated and synthesized by experts before going forward for active dissemination; (3) facilitating and monitoring provider and plan interactive engagement with the selected interventions via critical convening and Web functions; and (4) providing technical assistance and support for grantees and to promising interventions that address target populations of interest.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $961,815.00

Awarded on: 9/28/2006

Time frame: 8/1/2006 - 7/31/2007

Grant Number: 55273


University of Chicago, The Pritzker School of Medicine

924 East 57th Street, Suite 104
Chicago, 60637-1455


Marshall H. Chin
Project Director