Increasing the use of the Young Epidemiology Scholars' teaching units

The Foundation's Young Epidemiology Scholars Program: A National Effort to Attract the Attention of Young Scholars to the Health of the Public, was designed to attract the best and the brightest high school students to become the public health leaders of the future.During the first four years of the Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) program, a set of curricular units to teach epidemiology in high school was designed and made available online. The purpose of this project is to promote the uptake by teachers of the online YES epidemiology curricular units. This will increase the exposure of high school students to the field of epidemiology, and to potential careers in public health as well as health care. The initial design of the YES online epidemiology units was informed by a series of focus groups with high school teachers from a broad variety of schools and geographic regions. The units were developed by a team of expert teachers of epidemiology and outstanding high school teachers. The units were then piloted by high school teachers, and modified in response to feedback. The units are available for downloading on the YES Web site without charge. However, teachers rarely adopt new curricular units without professional development training in their use. Teachers also need to feel that they have sufficient knowledge of an area to be able to respond to students' questions. This project will create professional development workshops to prepare and encourage high school teachers to teach the YES teaching units. A pilot workshop series will be evaluated and modified as needed. Multiple workshop sessions will then be offered at a variety of venues, coupled with a mechanism for awarding professional development hours to participants. A network for workshop participants to electronically communicate with each other and with the expert staff will be established. The YES teaching units and workshops will be positioned as important components of the YES program, and ultimately lead to increasing both the quantity and the quality of YES applicants.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $322,306.00

Awarded on: 9/27/2006

Time frame: 10/1/2006 - 11/14/2009

Grant Number: 58878


Montclair State University Foundation

One Normal Avenue
Montclair, 07043-1699


Mark Alan Kaelin
Project Director