Developing local and regional community awareness and action to address long-term care issues of the elderly

The Foundation's program, Community Partnerships for Older Adults, was designed to foster efforts of local public-private partnerships to improve long-term care and supportive services systems for older adults.The vision of the five largely rural counties that comprise the Rappahannock Rapidan Eldercare Coalition is to keep the needs and preferences of older adults at the top of their agenda to create a sense of place and community for seniors where they serve and contribute to that community, and are assured of help when needed from family, neighbors, churches, helping organizations and responsive government. The purpose of this project is to ensure that elders are valued and are able to move smoothly through a continuum of care in a manner reflective of their needs and preferences. To accomplish this, the partnership will strengthen community infrastructure by establishing an effective and sustainable volunteer network, increasing the capacity of the long-term care workforce, facilitating the increase of long-term care and supportive services, and increasing knowledge among older adults and caregivers about long-term care options via a senior navigator database that will serve as a central repository about long-term care and aging services.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $750,000.00

Awarded on: 4/24/2006

Time frame: 5/1/2006 - 4/30/2011

Grant Number: 57501


Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Board

P.O. Box 1568
Culpeper, 22701-1568


Christine Miller
Project Director