Supplement to the Medical Care Research and Review journal on nursing-sensitive quality of care performance measures

Recent scientific studies and media coverage have focused on major lapses in the quality of care that result in diminished patient safety and health care outcomes. While nurses represent the single largest provider of inpatient care, little is known about their contribution to the provision of care that is safe, beneficial, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable. Developing effective performance measurement systems will enable health care stakeholders to better understand and monitor the degree to which nursing care influences patient safety and health care quality. In February 2003, the National Quality Forum (NQF) undertook a 14-month project to study the relationship between nursing personnel and quality, and the degree to which national voluntary consensus standards for nursing-sensitive care could be established. NQF's process involved a large and highly diverse group of stakeholders in a structured process directed at endorsing a set of national nursing-sensitive performance measures. While NQF's work to endorse a set of national voluntary consensus standards for nursing-sensitive care is a first step in gaining consensus on measures for this purpose, much work remains to be done. During its deliberations, the nursing steering committee identified significant gaps in measurement and priority areas for future research. RWJF commissioned papers from experts in each of the areas identified by the NQF steering committee and asked the authors to prioritize nursing measurement research recommendations to improve the quality of care provided by nurses in hospitals. This contract provides support to publish these papers as a supplement in the journal, "Medical Care Research and Review." Working versions of these papers will be posted on RWJF's Web site prior to publication to provide background for researchers interested in quality measurement and to set the context for the focus of the Foundation's Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative. When the materials are posted to the Web site, the Foundation will issue an electronic news alert with related links to encourage researchers to use these materials. Project deliverables include a 200- to 250-page journal supplement in "Medical Care Research and Review," to be published later this year.

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