Replication of an innovative public health model for correctional health care in jails and re-entry efforts for high-risk prisoners, 2006-2009

COCHS is an innovative and common sense approach to providing a pathway to continuity of care for reformed prisoners. Inmates suffer from high instances of chronic disease and at-risk lifestyles with little or no idea how to care for themselves. Of those incarcerated, inmates represent nearly one-quarter of all people living with HIV/AIDS and nearly one-third of all people with hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and mental illness. Since much of their experience is based on their time "inside," once released the system of care breaks down. Families and communities are now at-risk while prisoners often end up in ERs. Building on the successful public health model created in Hampden County (MA), COCHS integrates health care in jails with community resources to create a post-release system of care. This not only supports the health of the ex-inmate, it also provides education and health services to family members to prevent potential infections, reduces cost of care, and creates system-wide change by having the correctional institution itself provide holistic health care to ex-inmates, families, and communities alike.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $7,395,637.00

Awarded on: 2/7/2006

Time frame: 2/15/2006 - 6/30/2011

Grant Number: 55964


Community Oriented Correctional Health Services, Inc.

675 61st Street
Oakland, 94609-1205


Steven Rosenberg
Project Director