Evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows program

The Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Program was designed as an advanced leadership program for nurses in senior executive roles in health services, public health, and nursing education who aspire to help lead and shape the U.S. health care system of the future.The Program is one of a handful of leadership programs aimed specifically at nurses. The Foundation is interested in comparing this program to other nurse leadership programs and to other more general leadership programs. This grant supports an evaluation of the Program to look at the effort in the context of leadership programs in general, investigate key leadership needs in nursing as seen by nurses and others in the field, and review the progress of the Fellows. Deliverables will include a report to the Foundation and a paper submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $341,298.00

Awarded on: 12/1/2005

Time frame: 12/1/2005 - 12/31/2006

Grant Number: 53140


Lewin Group, Inc.

3130 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 500
Falls Church, 22042-4517


Colleen A. Hirschkorn
Project Director