Additional steering committee meeting for exploring accreditation

The goal of the Exploring Accreditation project is to examine all aspects of a voluntary national accreditation system for state and local health departments. A 25-member steering committee has been formed to generate definitive recommendations for the establishment of an accreditation system. The steering committee's recommendations will be informed by four work groups that will advise the committee in the areas of governance and implementation, standards development, finance and incentives, and research and evaluation. In the original design of the project, the steering committee was scheduled to meet in September 2005, April 2006 and July 2006. To maintain continuity and momentum of its work, the steering committee determined that it would be critical to hold an additional meeting prior to the April 2006 meeting. This collaborative project requested funds for a January 2006 meeting of the steering committee. The additional meeting enabled committee members to thoroughly review the initial recommendations of the project's work groups. Since there is some overlap between the steering committee and work group members, the extra meeting took place the day before the work group meetings to minimize travel costs. Steering committee members who do not sit on work groups were also given the option of staying the extra day to observe the deliberations of the work groups. This project is consistent with RWJF's strategy to improve the performance, accountability, impact and visibility of public health agencies.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $35,743.00

Awarded on: 12/7/2005

Time frame: 12/1/2005 - 2/28/2006

Grant Number: 56262


National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

1100 17th Street, N.W., 7th Floor
Washington, 20036-4636


Grace G. Gorenflo
Project Director