Evaluation of RWJF's Health e-Technologies program

The Foundation's program, Health e-Technologies: Assessing New Tools for Chronic Disease Management and Health Behavior Change, was designed to catalyze the development of more efficacious interactive health programs on health behavior change and disease management by evaluating promising interventions and providing information resources and tools for professionals.Over the past five years, eHealth (use of information technology in the health field) has been increasingly recognized as an essential tool for improving quality and reducing costs among health care organizations and employers. As a greater number of consumers, patients, and providers use eHealth applications, there is also a greater need for more rigorous evaluation of the quality of eHealth programs. In response to this need, the Foundation launched Health e-Technologies. The goals of Health e-Technologies are to expand the body of knowledge about the efficacy, costs, cost effectiveness, and overall quality of eHealth applications currently in use for health behavior change and chronic disease management, and to expand the body of knowledge about how to evaluate, compare, and improve them. While the Foundation is not planning to fund a full fledged continuation of Health e-Technologies, Foundation staff is interested in exploring support for follow-on activities that will help to sustain and spread the contributions that Health e-Technologies has made to the field. This collaborative project will enable Foundation staff to explore options for activities and resources that will help to sustain and spread the contributions that Health e-Technologies has made to the field, as well as for informing the Foundation's current program strategies.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $59,374.00

Awarded on: 11/30/2005

Time frame: 12/1/2005 - 3/31/2007

Grant Number: 56232


White Mountain Research Associates, LLC

P.O. Box 760
Walpole, NH, 03608-0760


Seth L. Emont
Project Director