Hurricane Katrina relief for community health centers

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina has affected the ability of many community, migrant, and homeless health centers (federally qualified health centers) in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to provide comprehensive preventive and primary care for the neediest, most disadvantaged residents in their communities. Before Hurricane Katrina ravaged these states, 55 health centers in the affected areas provided preventive and primary care to more than 600,000 individuals through 302 delivery sites. A substantial percentage of individuals receiving services from these health centers live in poverty, are members of minority groups, and do not have any type of health insurance coverage. Current estimates indicate that more than 60 of the 302 delivery sites have been affected by the Hurricane and its aftermath. In addition, health center delivery sites that were not significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina are now providing care to displaced individuals. Health centers in other states, including Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas, have now been challenged to serve not only their own patient populations but many evacuees whose routine source of medical care is no longer available.This grant to the Health Center Relief Fund will support the efforts of the National Association of Community Health Centers, a nonprofit national professional association representing health centers nationwide, to provide immediate assistance to: (1) delivery sites in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana that are providing services to displaced victims; and (2) health centers in other states, such as Texas and Arkansas, that are now providing services to evacuees. Funds will be used for items such as medical supplies and equipment, additional providers, support staff, and minor cleanup.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $750,000.00

Awarded on: 9/23/2005

Time frame: 9/20/2005 - 12/20/2005

Grant Number: 55716


National Association of Community Health Centers Inc.

7501 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1100W
Bethesda, 20814-4838


Freda Mitchem
Project Director