Establishing a matching grant fund and communications strategy for the national Partnership to End Long-Term Homelessness

The Partnership to End Long-Term Homelessness is a collaboration among five foundations, two financial institutions, and two nonprofit groups to promote supportive housing as a solution to address the problem of long-term homelessness. The Partnership's goal is to raise $25 million in states and cities, and $5 million nationally to: (1) fuel local efforts to create permanent supportive housing; (2) leverage public funds to supportive housing; (3) change the way public systems provide services to integrate supportive housing; and (4) establish programs to prevent more people from becoming homeless for the long term. The Partnership grew out of the Foundation's challenge under a previous grant to the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) to establish a funders' collaborative that could help to take supportive housing to a national scale of development that would substantially reduce, if not end, chronic homelessness in the U.S. For this development effort to be successful, the Partnership needs to be: (1) visible; (2) seen as having traction; and (3) able to bring money to the table in new communities along with the technical assistance resources. The Partnership currently represents $37 million of grant funding (and millions more of loans). It is managed by CSH, which is the primary recipient of most of these monies. However, the funding amassed to form the Partnership was already largely committed to specific sites and for specific purposes. CSH has rebudgeted some of its current grant monies to hire a consultant for the Partnership and is working with pro-bono staff contributed by Fannie Mae and Melville Charitable Trust to develop a communications strategy for the Partnership. The purpose of this project is to catalyze the Partnership's initial work to meet its fund-raising goals by providing some funds that can be used to attract and match local private sector funding in new sites, as well as funding to implement the communications strategy.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,000,000.00

Awarded on: 8/23/2005

Time frame: 9/1/2005 - 10/31/2007

Grant Number: 53649


Corporation for Supportive Housing

61 Broadway, Suite 2300
New York, 10006-2807


Lyn Hikida
Project Director