Convening an academic and business consortium devoted to developing computing environments for home-based co-management of chronic disease

Recent survey results estimate that only 7 percent of Americans with diabetes have had their high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol lowered to recommended levels, even though effective drug therapies for these conditions have existed for 50 years or more. The purpose of this project is to bring together a consortium of technology and medical products vendors to develop products intended to change how and where patients with chronic diseases manage their multiple illnesses. How adolescents and young adults with diabetes manage their blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight will be the subject of a pilot test. The research team will conduct a small randomized controlled trial to measure the impact of care processes that utilize technologies, such as access to personal health records through a video game player and tailored behavioral reminders delivered via cell phone, on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Consistent with the team's interest, the project is expected to inform the field about the potential of diverse technologies to be linked in a holistic intervention and to engage major technology companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo in the challenge of home-based versus office-based disease management.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $249,125.00

Awarded on: 8/25/2005

Time frame: 9/1/2005 - 2/28/2009

Grant Number: 52601


University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center

325 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, 98104-2499


James D. Ralston
Project Director