Developing a training manual for a community gardening program

Poor nutrition is a major factor that contributes to youth obesity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Survey states that 78 percent of America's youth consume less than the USDA's recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings per day. Low-income families are particularly prone to this inadequate consumption. The USDA's bulletin, Low Income Households' Expenditures on Fruit and Vegetables, notes that approximately one in five low-income households buys no fruits or vegetables. Community gardens allow people of all incomes to access low-cost fresh fruits and vegetables, and provide a dependable source of fresh produce in neighborhoods where these may be hard to find or unaffordable for many residents.This grant will enable the Spartanburg Nutrition Council (SNC) to develop a training manual to assist communities interested in creating a youth and family gardening program. SNC is a community-based nonprofit organization that works to increase the demand and availability of healthy foods in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. It focuses on creating environmental and policy change in areas of the community, such as schools, workplaces, restaurants, child care centers, churches, and neighborhoods.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $63,105.00

Awarded on: 7/19/2005

Time frame: 8/15/2005 - 2/14/2007

Grant Number: 53656


Spartanburg Nutrition Council

832 John B. White, Sr. Boulevard
Spartanburg, 29306-4042


Jennifer Lynn Osterman
Project Director