Analysis of patterns and policy-related correlates of state obesity legislation

In response to the increasingly urgent public health imperative to reduce the rise in childhood obesity prevalence, state lawmakers in 43 of the 50 state legislatures have introduced legislation or regulations affecting access to healthy, affordable foods and increased opportunities for physical activity, particularly in school settings, in the past three years. To date, there has been little systematic examination of these efforts in obesity policy. This project will: (1) conduct a detailed summary of state-level obesity legislation in 10 sentinel states; and (2) use multilevel modeling to explain patterns of voting for obesity-related bills in state legislatures. Health policies, in the form of laws, regulations, organizational practices, and funding priorities, can have a substantial impact on the health and well being of the population. For childhood obesity prevention, there has been much greater policy activity at the state level than at the federal level. These factors make the state level an appropriate level of analysis for the current study.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $62,559.00

Awarded on: 7/29/2005

Time frame: 8/15/2005 - 4/30/2007

Grant Number: 53630


Saint Louis University School of Public Health & Social Justice

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Ross C. Brownson
Project Director