An environmental scan of self-care technologies for cardiovascular disease and dementia in the elderly

This project focuses on the burden the aging population is placing on health-care systems. While it is clear that there are efforts in developing technologies that foster independence and make the population less dependent on the professional care system, it is less clear how those efforts are distributed. An environmental scan will be conducted to gain an understanding of two major medical conditions (Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia) affecting the target population, who is doing the research and development, and who are the funders. The scan and its resulting database, in addition to developing a body of knowledge that can help inform the field as to where and how work is progressing and where investments may be required, should provide a prototype of a maintainable inventory of activity in this and other areas.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $139,810.00

Awarded on: 7/28/2005

Time frame: 8/1/2005 - 6/30/2006

Grant Number: 53786


University of Rochester Center for Future Health

601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, 14642-0001


Cecilia M. Horwitz
Project Director