Studying the relationship between physician workplace resources and health care disparities

A small percentage of physicians care for the majority of black Medicare patients. This subgroup of physicians reported difficulties in providing high-quality care to their patients. While the research is not able to determine the exact causes of these difficulties, it is likely that these difficulties result from these providers having fewer resources for providing high quality care. This project would inform the Foundation Disparities Team's strategy by taking an in-depth look at four diverse physician practices from a larger research study. The lessons learned from this project would be weaved into the Team's discussion of an important theme: patients of color tend to live in areas with lower quality health care providers. It is believed that this is a function of our system that provides disproportionately fewer resources to providers in these areas. Project deliverables include a description of the practices and physicians who care for minority patients, a description of the patients, a list of the problems/barriers/hurdles faced by these practices, the characteristics of the practices that do the best job of managing resources, and a measure of ambulatory workplace factors that contribute to disparities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $53,846.00

Awarded on: 6/10/2005

Time frame: 6/15/2005 - 12/14/2006

Grant Number: 53253


University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

Health Sciences Learning Center
750 Highland Avenue
Madison, 53705-2221


Mark Linzer
Project Director