Effect of fourteen underage drinking laws on youth traffic deaths

The Foundation's Substance Abuse Policy Research Program was designed to provide support for investigators to conduct policy research on a variety of subjects directed at helping the country reduce the harm caused by substance abuse.This study will explore the relationship between the current package of state laws relating to underage drinking and impaired driving to the involvement of underage drinking drivers in fatal crashes. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Alcohol Policy Information System dataset (1998-2004a) will be used to identify the underage laws currently in place in the 50 states and D.C. and will be augmented with data from a variety of other sources. These sources will be used to construct a measure of the relative strength of each state's overall control program for underage drinking. Structural equation modeling will be used to determine the relationship of this measure to underage drinking drivers involved in fatal crashes in each state, as derived from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System database (1998-2003). In addition, discriminant function analysis will be used to determine the state characteristics associated with a "strong" cluster of effective underage drinking laws and regulations. The results from this research will help inform stronger and more effective laws to reduce underage drinking and underage drinking and driving.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $305,873.00

Awarded on: 5/9/2005

Time frame: 6/1/2005 - 3/30/2008

Grant Number: 53129


Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

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James C. Fell
Project Director