Analytical support for coverage issues

Foundation staff have ongoing needs in the coverage area for small analytical studies using the Current Population Survey (CPS) and the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). This grant supports studies providing current information on coverage issues in support of the staff's work--including new findings on the uninsured to be released as part of the 2005 coverage communications campaign--and also help staff track indicators of performance. Analyses may include but not be limited to: (1) changes in patterns of insurance status within families between 1997 and 2003 (using NHIS); (2) coverage status and access for adults and children in 2003, with special focus on those with chronic conditions (using NHIS); and (3) enrollment of eligible children who lack access to employer-sponsored coverage in Medicaid and SCHIP (using CPS). Urban Institute researchers will produce a short report with tables for each analysis. They will also be available to review releases from the Foundation about the studies and to participate in press conferences and conference calls about the findings. The Urban Institute was selected for this work because of its expertise in working with both of these databases.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $99,662.00

Awarded on: 12/8/2004

Time frame: 12/15/2004 - 12/14/2006

Grant Number: 52513


Urban Institute

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Washington, 20037-1207


Genevieve M. Kenney
Project Director