Building consumer demand for health care transparency and accountability in outpatient care

Improving the quality of health care in the United States will require the involvement of providers, purchasers, and consumers. While the Leapfrog Group and the Consumer-Purchaser Disclosure Project have made progress in raising awareness about the need for transparency in the health care system, there currently is no concentrated effort to mobilize consumer groups to advocate for quality improvement. In this context, transparency means that stakeholders should be able to see and understand how good the quality of care is that an institution or individual provides. This grant supports the first phase of an effort to organize a broad coalition of consumer advocacy groups to promote transparency, performance measurement, and public reporting for outpatient care. It will also provide training and support to help consumer groups participate more effectively in the process of identifying performance measures. Project deliverables include: (1) establishing and convening a national advisory committee; (2) developing a statement of principles and goals for the coalition; (3) conducting targeted interviews with key representatives from at least 20 consumer organizations; (4) initiating an inventory of grassroots consumer quality initiatives; (5) recruiting and supporting up to 10 national consumer groups to participate in measurement activities; (6) developing a Web-based information hub to manage the coalition; (7) developing initial outreach materials and basic information packets about transparency and accountability for consumer advocacy organizations; and (8) developing a strategic plan for the next phase of consumer group engagement efforts. This project will be considered successful if it determines there is sufficient interest and will among consumer organizations to advocate for transparency, and if it begins to identify tools and messages to help make transparency relevant to the average consumer. A separate communications project will be developed for the Foundation to inform and complement this work with market research, message development, and communications planning.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $405,594.00

Awarded on: 9/15/2004

Time frame: 10/1/2004 - 2/14/2006

Grant Number: 51192


National Partnership for Women and Families Inc.

1875 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 650
Washington, 20009-5728


Debra L. Ness
Project Director