Research on the impact of different service providers on racial and ethnic disparities and outcomes

Although numerous research studies have documented the existence of racial and ethnic disparities in health care, little evidence exists to explain why these disparities in care occur. The purpose of this research project is to focus on a possible factor, the use of different health care providers, that may contribute to gaps in the delivery of health care services and poorer health outcomes experienced by certain racial and ethnic groups. Specifically, the investigators plan to document the extent and robustness of racial and ethnic disparities in hospitals that perform higher rates of procedures. While high-volume hospitals and surgeons are associated with better health outcomes, minority patients may not be receiving care at these institutions. Deliverables include several research papers, to be disseminated by the Foundation in conjunction with the New York Academy as part of RWJF's overall disparities strategy. This project will be considered successful if it results in: (1) anticipated new research; (2) information useful to the the Foundation's Disparities Team in shaping future interventions; and (3) information useful to the field of disparities research.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $395,926.00

Awarded on: 4/28/2004

Time frame: 5/1/2004 - 12/31/2004

Grant Number: 49138


New York Academy of Medicine

1216 5th Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, 10029-5202


Bradford H. Gray
Project Director