Increasing access to primary health care and mental health services by Asian youth

The Foundation's Local Initiative Funding Partners Program is a matching grants program designed to establish partnerships between the Foundation and local grantmakers in support of innovative, community-based projects that improve health and health care for underserved and vulnerable populations.Utilizing the popular meeting ground of a volleyball field, the purpose of this project is for street outreach workers to connect with at-risk Cambodian youth to promote healthier lifestyle choices, increase utilization of health insurance and health care services, and reduce gang violence. Lowell, Massachusetts, is home to the second largest Cambodian population in the U.S. This community suffers from poverty, post-war stress, and intergenerational conflicts evidenced in high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and gang membership. The teen center will expand its street worker program with its successful record of gang mediation, and capitalize on the current passion for volleyball by creating a youth league. The volleyball courts provide the turf to achieve the project's goals with an emphasis on persuading league members to enroll in health insurance and seek primary and mental health care.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $460,000.00

Awarded on: 6/23/2003

Time frame: 7/1/2003 - 6/30/2007

Grant Number: 48872


United Teen Equality Center

34 Hurd Street
Lowell, 01852-1005


Gregg W. Croteau
Project Director