Planning for the evaluation of RWJF's Better Jobs, Better Care program

The Foundation's initiative, Better Jobs, Better Care: Building a Strong Long-Term Care Workforce, was designed to create changes in policy and practice that will lead to the recruitment and retention of high-quality direct care workers in both nursing homes and home- and community-based settings. The initiative includes two components: an applied research and evaluation program and a demonstration program.This project is for a six and one-half month planning period to develop an evaluation for the Better Jobs Better Care (BJBC) program. The BJBC program is designed to support a range of projects that would help create changes in policy and practice necessary for building a stable, high-quality paraprofessional workforce for long-term care. The planning period will be used to flesh out the details of a project that has two main goals: (1) to document and analyze the implementation of coalition activities, articulate the successes and challenges encountered, and provide formative feedback; and (2) to assess the impacts of policy and practice changes on the direct care worker (DCW) labor market, quality of DCWs' jobs, job retention and turnover, and quality-of-care indicators. The evaluation team will submit a proposal for the full evaluation to both RWJF and Atlantic Philanthropies to be reviewed for the next phase of funding. Atlantic Philanthropies will be funding 60 percent of the full evaluation. This grant will be considered successful if a high-quality proposal is developed that is useful to both funding agencies and the National Program Office.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $65,876.00

Awarded on: 4/14/2003

Time frame: 4/11/2003 - 4/30/2004

Grant Number: 48183


Pennsylvania State University College of Health and Human Development

Pennsylvania State University
201 Henderson Building
University Park, 16802-6501


Peter Kemper
Project Director