Gathering information on childhood obesity prevention

The United States is facing an unprecedented epidemic in overweight and obesity. The rate of increase has been greatest in children, more than doubling over the past two decades. Although we understand many contributing factors leading to the epidemic in children, much more information is needed about potential strategies for prevention activities, particularly as they relate to schools and families. The purpose of this project is to produce three white papers and two national surveys to provide key analyses of potential strategies for Foundation programming. The white papers will cover: (1) local, state, and national policies for childhood obesity prevention; (2) best practices in after-school and in-school programs to prevent childhood obesity; and (3) an analysis and inventory of policies and practices related to school vending machines and food services. Separate national opinion surveys will be conducted with parents and school teachers regarding attitudes, barriers, and opportunities for prevention programs. This project will be considered successful if it results in identifying key areas and recommendations for future programming, as well as deepening the Foundation's understanding of the forces and opportunities for impacting the epidemic of obesity in children.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $324,771.00

Awarded on: 12/16/2002

Time frame: 1/1/2003 - 7/31/2003

Grant Number: 40695


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John Hoyt
Project Director